Soviet Sex

Twelve Sexual Commandments of The Rеvolutionary Proletariat

Brochure “Revolution and Youth”, publishing house of the YM Sverdlov Communist University, 1924

  1. There should be no too early development of sex life among the proletariat.
  2. It is necessary to have sexual abstinence before marriage, and to conclude a marriage only in a state of complete social and biological maturity (20-25 years).
  3. Sexual intercourse is possible only as the final completion of deep all-round sympathy and attachment to the object of sexual love.
  4. Sexual intercourse should be only the final link in a chain of deep and complex experiences that bind lovers at the moment.
  5. Sexual intercourse should not be repeated often.
  6. Don’t change sex object often. Less sexual diversity.
  7. Love should be monogamous, monoandric (one wife, one husband).
  8. With any sexual act, one must always remember about the possibility of having a child – in general, remember about offspring.
  9. Sexual selection should be built along the line of class revolutionary proletarian expediency. Elements of flirting, courtship, coquetry and other methods of special sexual conquest should not be introduced into a love relationship.
  10. There should be no jealousy.
  11. There should be no sexual perversion.
  12. In the interests of revolutionary expediency, a class has the right to interfere with the sex life of its members; sex must obey the class in everything, not oppose the class and serve it in everything.