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The mystical and the occult have accompanied humans through their hard and arduous journey from antiquity until today. Regardless of the relentless and turbulent advance of science, there will always be gaps that incite the most brilliant minds to keep wandering through the intricate labyrinth of the unspoken, the inexplicable and the obscure, which never quite explains the origin, the nature or the outcome of certain phenomena.

One of the greatest mysteries in human history is… history itself. Its magic transcends the belief in occult rituals, the oracles of ancient times shrouded in secrecy, the worship of known and unknown deities, and the faith in countless symbols and miracles. History can propel millions of human destinies to places where nobody thought they could end up. History is what swirls around different eras, unique events, and famous and unknown heroes in a fast dance; it takes quick steps and makes slow movements in different directions, then ducks, smiles politely and bows, waiting for the right moment to start its next performance.

“Who is behind history?” is an eternal question. There is no doubt that one of the most important missions of history is to shed light on past events in order to learn from them and avoid repeating previous mistakes.