The Untold Story of How Hollywood Destroyed the Soviet Union

The Grigorov brothers’ first novel, called “Mezhdunarodnaya – Once Upon a Time in the USSR”, was published in Bulgaria in July 2019. The English translation was released in August 2022 under the title „The Mezh – Once Upon a Time in the USSR .

This fascinating work cannot be put into any single category of genre – drama, espionage thriller, historical epic. Elements of all three are uniquely combined. This is a novel about times passed, about a different Moscow that the new generations do not know much about.

The Grigorov brothers were inspired by a true story. The two authors were eyewitnesses to most of the described events and claim that they reflect the atmosphere in the Soviet capital at that time in the smallest detail. The documentary aspect of the novel involved months of painstaking research.

The novel traces the period from 1982 to 1988 and follows the life of a foreign student in Moscow, who became one of the key players on the Soviet black market and unexpectedly crossed paths with the main participants in the two major Cold War espionage scandals – The Bug House related to the construction of the new US Embassy in Moscow and the racy Sex for Secrets when, for the first time in US history, marine guards of the US Embassy were convicted on charges of espionage and treason.

The story takes place mostly in the iconic building – The First Business Center at the heart of Moscow – known as Armand Hammer’s gift. The complex described in detail by the authors is unique for its time and includes a hotel with bars and restaurants, where secret deals and meetings were held, for which besides Soviet citizens, for whom access was denied, this place remains a mystery to the world community. Most expats referred to it as Mezhdunarodnaya, or simply The Mezh.


The Untold Story of How the Russian Disneyland Failed to Come True

The Grigorov brothers’ second novel, called “Wonderland”, was published in Bulgaria in April 2022. The English translation is due out in the spring of 2024 under the title “Russian Disneyland”.

This fascinating work is a sequel to the brothers’ debut book, a political thriller with criminal elements, vividly recreating the brutality of the post-Soviet period.

„Russian Disneyland is a breathtaking novel based on a true story. Miraculously, a project brought out of the dust to build a huge Russian Disneyland marked the beginning of the gambling industry in post-Soviet Russia. What follows is a series of events that intertwine the fates of the characters in an incredible way, forming a strange symbiosis between criminal groups and leading figures from the special services.

In the mid-1990s, organized crime in Russia realized the need to legalize illicit funds. Huge sums of cash have been exported abroad in suitcases or transferred to “tax havens” in order to further launder them by investing in the world economy. At the same time, the idea of using the criminal world to supply weapons to various terrorist organizations and dictatorial regimes arose in the bowels of military intelligence. This seemingly atypical toxic amalgam is increasingly penetrating the highest echelons of power and laying the foundations for governance in future Russia.

The story is large-scale, and the action of the dynamic plot, except in the territory of the Russian Federation, takes place in Switzerland, Spain, Great Britain, the Netherlands and the USA.

In an inimitable way, immersing the reader in the swampy lawless waters of the nineties in post-Soviet Russia, the “Russian Disneyland” manages to build a bridge to the bleak future we are all witnessing in the present.